On-Demand Webinar

Digital Transformation at the Edge

Communication, Automation and Applications

Learn how fleet communications can be transformed to deliver smarter, safer working by building on and integrating with existing systems.

This webinar explores a range of voice and data applications enabled by Tait Unified Vehicle by sharing case studies and examples from the Mining, Utilities, Public Safety and Transport sectors.


Edge computing and IoT

Autonomous devices can process information from across your operation, utilizing cellular/LTE, WiFi and Land Mobile Radio (LMR) connectivity.

Tait Unified Vehicle combines connectivity with an edge computing platform that can be tailored to operate in ways unique to your organization’s challenges and requirements, giving you a unique solution, without the need for any hardware modifications.

It can utilise and control the other devices, networks and applications that it is connected to, such as sensors, smart devices and internet based information and applications. 

Learn about integrated edge applications, including:

  • Weather Warning Systems RSS feeds from weather services are used to warn of hazards, showing alerts on the radio display and triggering visual and audible alarms.
  • Web forms and Database Activities use web browser-based electronic forms to enter and transfer data over a radio or cellular network.
  • Task Dispatching to enable sent/acknowledged confirmation for LMR text and status messages.
  • Store and Forward Data Collection allows storage of connectivity data while Tait Unified Vehicle is out of cellular/WiFi coverage.
  • Vehicle Blackbox to store time-stamped information such as location and speed for post-event auditing.
  • MQTT Integration for Internet of Things connectivity.
  • PTToX seamless voice and data services between LMR and broadband devices and networks




Jason Cox
Sales Engineering Manager



Dion Stevenson
Product Manager, Tait Communications

Dion has experience in system and product design, leading manufacturing teams, and 10+ years of commissioning and support for mission critical networks around the world.

Involved in the Tait TeamPTT PTToC product from its introduction to adapting business and delivery processes to suit SaaS-based products.

He is passionate about the impact the convergence of Voice and Data can have on both a personal level and an organizational level; allowing people to see beyond their own part of a network and the proactive capability it brings to an organization for improving KPIs.


Nick Clark
Senior Design Engineer, Tait Communications

Nick enjoys the challenge of designing useful communications solutions to the real problems customers face, across many industries and regions.

Nick leads customer workshops to explore problems and simple ways to innovate and integrate disparate systems and off the shelf products to deliver a tailored solution.

Strengths in Research, System Architecture, and System Integration. Skilled in Python, Android, Node-RED. Strong engineering professional with a BE(Hons) focused in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from University of Canterbury.

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