On-Demand Webinar

Genuine P25 Interoperability: Tips and Traps when Moving to Digital Radio

This webinar will discuss both the tips and traps when buying your next public safety portable and mobile radios.


  • Reasons why sometimes different manufacturers' equipment does not work on a P25 system
  • The issues encountered in implementing a multi-vendor P25 network
  • The significance of the P25 Compliance Assessment Program (P25 CAP), explained as an example of how the industry is addressing interoperability issues
  • Lessons learned - real examples in a multi-vendor situation

Webinar presenter:

Nick Pennance is the Director of Network Compliance Engineering at Tait Communications. A BE Eng Hons graduate from the University of Plymouth majoring in Communications Engineering. He is now responsible for compliance testing and certification on state-wide networks in the United States.

This material was first presented at the IWCE wireless conference in Las Vegas in 2011.

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