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Incident Ground Radio Solution

A holistic solution designed in cooperation with fire experts.

A Built for Purpose Solution

In this webinar Richard Russell, Incident Ground Communications Solution Architect, explains the Tait Incident Ground Radio solution.

Firegrounds are some of the most hostile and punishing environments, and the extreme conditions and necessary PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) firefighters wear makes effective communications highly challenging. To address these challenges and keep everyone on the incident ground safe and connected, you need a holistic solution that truly reflects each individual’s unique circumstances and communications needs.

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Why Choose Tait for your Fireground Communications?

Tait has more than 50 years of experience in designing, manufacturing, and delivering critical communications solutions to organisations that need to have complete confidence in the systems and people they work with. Fire and Rescue services around the world rely on Tait solutions to keep safe and connected: we provide them with solutions proven to operate in the most demanding situations and environments with absolute reliability and connectivity.




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