Portable Radio Selection Guide

What should you look for in a Portable Radio?

The trusty portable radio has been an indispensable piece of equipment for workers in a range of industries for decades. As technology advances, so have the features available in these devices.

Today, there are an abundance of options, but what do they all mean, and what features should you look for in a portable radio?

This guide aims to help you make smart decisions when selecting the portable radios that keep you connected and your workers safe. The key factors we’ll explore include:

  • Audio Quality: Important calls must be loud and clear.
  • Connectivity: What networks are available to you?
  • Worker Safety Features: Nothing is more vital.
  • Build Quality: Can your radio survive your workplace?
  • User Experience: Is this device easy to use?
  • Accessories: The right tool for every job.
  • Personalization: Not just another black box.
  • Future Proof: Can your radio evolve if your needs change?
  • Peace of Mind: Can you trust the device in your hand?


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