On-Demand Webinar

The Future of Communications for New Zealand Utilities

Live webinar delivered on 3rd December 2014

In this webinar Bruce Mazza and Brendon Quinn will discuss how the Utility industry is turning business drivers into business value by optimising the benefits of modernisation.

Key Topics:

  • How the 2015 narrowbanding deadline will affect business
  • Historical factors preventing cost effective rollout for distribution automation and M2M in wide-area remote, rural areas
  • Current and future use cases of Advanced Distribution Automation (ADA) and M2M
  • How DMR Tier 3 delivers voice and data to return quantifiable benefits to business
  • NZ Case study: EA Networks — Brendon Quinn shares his experience with rolling out voice and data with DMR Tier 3




Bruce Mazza
Vice President of Solutions Marketing, Tait Communications

Bruce Mazza is the VP of Solutions Marketing at Tait Communications and is helping shape the future direction of Unified Critical Communication solutions for public safety, utilities and other critical industries with DMR.


Brendon Quinn
Network Manager, EA Networks

Brendon Quinn is the Network Manager from EA Networks in Ashburton, NZ. He shares his experiences with rolling out a DMR Tier 3 network and how narrowbanding is an opportunity to empower business operations.

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