Zero Harm – Health and Safety in the Workplace

The technology paradox in the workplace

Zero Harm represents the ultimate measure of a successful health and safety policy. Organizations and industries throughout the world aim for this honorable target, but few have yet to achieve it.

This paper investigates two industries – firefighting and construction – to discover the similarities in the risks they are exposed to, and the differences in outcomes for their workers. This in turn points to regulation, and how differences in jurisdiction and industry impact the health and safety of workers.

Even the promise of technology proves to be double-edged, as the very advancements that improve the safety of workers, also introduce new – and often unforeseen - hazards. The solutions may at first seem obvious, but this paper identifies common obstructions and impediments to achieving Zero Harm.

Find out:

  • Where do the risks lie?
  • Occupational Hazards – comparing firefighting and construction
  • How the law protects worker health and safety
  • The technology paradox
  • Approaching Zero Harm



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