On-Demand Webinar

LTE Design and Deployment: Lessons Learned in Real Life

Presented live on 2nd October 2014 at Comms Connect, Melbourne, Australia

In this webinar John Graham provides insight to the range of lessons learned during the design and deployment of the first 800MHz private LTE network for a Utility in the southern-hemisphere.

This webinar shares three important key considerations for designing and deploying a private LTE network:

  1. Coverage vs capacity
  2. User-scenarios for your private LTE network
  3. LTE can be optimised and complemented by LMR

Watch the webinar to see further detail on how these considerations were applied to the private LTE rollout at EA Networks.




John Graham
Solutions Marketing Manager, Tait Communications

John Graham is a Solutions Marketing Manager at Tait Communications and is helping shape the future direction of critical communication solutions for utilities, mining and other critical industries.


Watch the Webinar