Mining - No Point of Failure

Innovation and Convergence in Mining Communications

Much like the strata of rock visible in a mine, modern mining communications rest on layers of communications technologies, introduced over time to improve the safety, efficiency, and productivity of mining operations Ground-breaking new technologies will continue to emerge, but earlier technologies continue to perform the function they were intended for, and do not necessarily become obsolete; indeed most remain relevant and are maintained, advanced and upgraded by manufacturers.

So, rather than the development of a single, ideal technology, the future of mining communications lies in the smart integration of multiple new, and existing tools and techniques, as Unified Critical Communications combines mining operation technologies into a network of networks.

In this paper, we will discuss:

  • Layers of mining communications,
  • The historical mix,
  • Exploring wireless technologies,
  • Tying it all together with Unified Critical Communications,
  • Why technology partnerships matter.

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